Metallurgical Analysis

Processing of metal pieces affect the mechanical properties of that part. Heating, beating, foraging, casting, and welding all leave unique signatures in the final product. We have extensive experience performing the mechanical and metallurgical analysis required to tell the story of how an assembly was manufactured.

Corrosion Engineering

Dust to dust. Through proper material selection and processing the service lifetimes of assemblies can be greatly extended, to ensure assets don’t return to dust while in use.

Welding Engineering

Welding is not the same as super glue. Our expertise helps to ensure that welds and welding processes are code-compliant sound and secure.

Root Cause Failure Analysis

Equipment failures can end up costing an arm and a leg, literally. Failure analysis often requires a multidisciplinary engineering approach. North Iron Engineering are experts at identifying manufacturing and service related defects.

Asset Integrity Management

Maintaining the integrity of assets involves the coordination of corrosion engineering, nondestructive testing, project management, and risk analysis. We offer all of these, and have extensive experience managing asset integrity programs including API 653, API 570, and API 510.