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North Iron Engineering

North Iron Engineering is a specialty engineering consulting company servicing oil and gas markets, heavy industry, manufacturing and power generation clients, both domestic and international.

Engineering services provided by North Iron include:

  1. Metallurgical engineering
  2. Welding inspections and engineering
  3. Corrosion engineering
  4. Coating specifications
  5. Non-destructive testing, field work procedure development, auditing and work practice review. Techniques include ultrasonics (UT), mag particle (MT), dye penetrant (PT), and visual testing (VT). Other techniques performed include ground penetrating radar (GPR), positive material identification (PMI), field hardness testing and others.
  6. Assets integrity management consulting for pipeline and facility operators
  7. Auditing, troubleshooting and optimization of manufacturing process
  8. Field oversight and quality control for new construction and repairs
  9. Root cause failure analysis investigations for state and federal spill reporting